Every project is different. This is why we offer the wide variety of services listed below. With GhostWriters you can use an individual service or a combination of services and see your next project come to life. 


Performance Support

Learning doesn't always translate into performance. We develop customized performance support solutions that make it easier for your employees to do their jobs. Our responsive tool is based on the language of the web (HTML5 and CSS3) which allows you to future-proof your content. Your policies, procedures, playbooks, brand guides and other reference materials can have a custom graphical interface that is:

Searchable | Browsable | Filterable | Media Rich



Writing Icon.png

Writing is the translation of technical and business information into everyday language, and it is integral to everything we do. Whether you need a quick reference guide, sell sheet, user manual, newsletter or other print-based document, GhostWriters can help you communicate your message.



ELearn Icon.png

We develop customized courses that enhance your users' e-learning experiences. Our interactive courses include:

Complex & Simple Branching | Scenarios | Custom Graphics | Self Checks & Testing | Animations & Video

We recently completed a course on Pediatric Airway Management for the NC Department of Health and Human Services. Click here to view press release


Presentations & Print Materials

Using custom graphics and interactive designs, we can transform your presentations into visually-rich and memorable experiences. We can also develop leave-behind print materials such as sell sheets, quick reference guides, brochures, and other materials that resonate with your audience. Creative content can be delivered for:

Demonstrations | Trade Shows | Training | Company Meetings | and much more…


Augmented Reality

Take your sell sheets and print materials to a whole new level! Your products and processes can literally jump off the page through the use of this medium. Ask us for a demo.